Step by Step Indian Vocal Course- Bollywood & Classical

Step by Step Indian Vocal Course- Bollywood & Classical

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Course Description

This course will show you the essentials of the Indian Vocal Music.

Generally this studying so as to learn was just achieved with a master. Presently we are conveying the master to your fingertips, to make them play in weeks, not years.

Indian vocal music comprises of Classical Music-Dhrupad and Khayal, Semi Classical-Thumri, Ghazal, Bhajan, Qawaali, Light – Bollywood.

Singing is generally joined by Tabla, Pakhawaj or Dholak.

You will have a strong establishment of learning to advance to our course on jannatmusic . com or on the off chance that you have a master who can direct you to dominance in Classical, Semi Classical and Bollywood Singing

The educational modules is organized into 3 areas to expand upon your insight at every stride.

1. Become more acquainted with Vocals

2. Vocal Anatomy

3. Prologue to Indian Music with Vocals

4. Vocal Exercises

Join now to open your inward craftsman.

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