Amplifire Bonus

Bonus 1: Social Image Linkr
The stupid simple app that puts 1,000 times more power into your regular social posting
In just a few seconds…
  • Instantly Turn ANY Image into a Free Traffic Tap
  • Infiltrate Facebook’s Viral System for Free!
  • Get Buyer Traffic from Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest & G+
Value $97
Bonus 2: Facebook Ad Mastery
The Smartfunnls Facebook Ads Mastery Video Course
What use is a stunning landing page if you can’t get any traffic to it?
  • Discover the tricks to high CTR and low CPC ads. Get started right away
  • Ad copy secrets of the pros, guaranteed to squeeze more clicks out of any budget.
Value $97
Bonus 3: Ultimate Sales Funnel Blueprint
You’re about to discover the ​ blueprint for building a sales funnel to  dominate ANY niche

This system is used by major corporations across a multitude of markets to grow their business and optimize profits. All successful businesses ­ from

fast food chains to e­commerce giants – follow this model.
And it’ll work for your business too.
This system works because, as you’ll see, it’s based upon universal  business principles​ and fundamental psychological insights
Value $97
Bonus 4: Conversion Cheat Sheet

The 7 Most Powerful Conversion Triggers You Can Use to

Increase Your Opt-ins and Sales

Mastering these 7 “magic triggers” is the key to plugging your leaky sales funnel and putting a

stop to all that wasted traffic, embarrassing optin rates and deflating sales figures.

These triggers work because they activate basic survival instincts, honed over thousands of

years to keep us alive.
Print this guide out, keep it handy and please use with care – this is some powerful information indeed!
Value $47

Bonus 5: The Ultimate Guide

to Onsite Retargeting
Master the dark art of retargeting your buyers before they’ve even left your website!

It is a sad fact

Less than 6% of E-commerce traffic ever hits the ‘Cart’ button
But It does NOT have to be that way – you can get the other 94% back… If you know how
The Wishloop Ultimate Guide to Onsite Retargeting shows you those little magic tricks
that bring your traffic back, and turn them
from runners into buyers!
Value $47
Bonus 6: 8 Step Guide to Your Autoresponder Sales Sequence
You’ve got your Funnel all in order…
Pages are converting…
Onsite retargeting is working? Yeah? 
But all this is POINTLESS if you aren’t staying in touch with your leads
This simple, 8-step guide is grabbed from the combined experience of the TOP players in the business, and tells YOU how to maximize the function and profitability of your Autoresponder sequence!
You’ve worked hard to get those leads and conversions, so – lets make sure you keep hold of them!
Value $47
Bonus 7: 275+ HD Backgrounds
Amplifire campaigns look stunning with full HD backgrounds so these are just the ticket
Full size, HD quality and with commercial rights
  • 101 vector polygon backgrounds
  • 75 vector geometric backgrounds
  • 51 vector grunge backgrounds
  • 34 particle/stripe backgrounds
  • 18 motion backgrounds
Value $67



Bonus 8: Ultimate Guide to Facebook Lead Ads

The Comprehensive Guide to Facebook Lead Ads

Facebook lead ads are one of the hottest new sources for generating leads.  Discover how to set them up, what to avoid, and how to get around their biggest pitfall in this comprehensive guide.

We’re giving you the full source material so that you can rebrand our Facebook Lead Ads Guide.

Use this to build your list in the exact same way we have, or sell it for a profit – Its up to you
Value $197
Bonus 9: Youtube Ads Mastery

Youtube Ads Mastery Ebook 


YouTube is one of THE most powerful marketing tools around – but are you making the most of it?

This guide tells you ALL the secrets to maximising conversions from your Youtube advertising  and more importantly – How to do it on the cheap!!!

We’re giving you the full source material so that you can rebrand our Youtube Ads Guide.

Use this to build your list in the exact same way we have, or sell it for a profit – Its up to you
Value $197
Bonus 10: Video Marketing Excellence
Leverage the Power of Video Markeketing To Bring Countless Targeted, Relevant Visitors To Your Offers…
  • How to quickly make beautiful videos that convert
  • Discover the video copywriting secrets of the masters.  Secrets responsible for billions of dollars in sales
  • Includes ebook, video training, cheat sheet and mindmap to make getting started as easy as possible
Value $97
Bonus 11: 47 HD Video Backgrounds
Stunning HD video backgrounds to make your Amplifire pages sing!

47 HD video backgrounds, already uploaded to Youtube and ready to go.  Just grab the url and insert it into your landing page’s background settings.

Completely ad free and with full commercial rights
Value $197
Bonus 12: 1000 Pixel-Perfect Flat Icons
A flat icon for every possible use case
This huge icon pack includes many common and not-so-common symbols. They have been crafted with simplicity in mind, appearing visually readable at small size with a modern style.
  • Quantity: 1000 icons
  • Formats: AI, SVG, PSD, PNG 
  • Sizes: 32×32px, 64×64px, 128×128px
Value $97