Cloud Computing Development Essentials

Cloud Computing Development Essentials

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Course Description

In this class I will show you the nuts and bolts of distributed computing and why distributed computing is one of the most sweltering ranges in data innovation today. Also I will demonstrate to you proper methodologies to agree to free designer records with a portion of the main distributed computing stages, for example, Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, SalesForce and Office 365. I will likewise go up against you a brief voyage through each of these stages and demonstrate to you generally accepted methods to send programming to each of these also. Before the end of this class you will have the capacity to create and send programming to the main cloud construct framework in light of the business sector today.

What are the prerequisites?

You should download and introduce Microsoft Visual Studio Express 2015 (Free Install) to do the labs in this class. This requires a Microsoft Windows PC

What am I going to get from this course?

More than 21 addresses and 1.5 hours of substance!

Know the favorable circumstances and restrictions of distributed computing

Send some basic answers for a portion of the main distributed computing sellers

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