Create a VR Google Cardboard Hide and Seek Game

Create a VR Google Cardboard Hide and Seek Game

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Course Description

Make a Hide and Seek Game utilizing the Google Cardboard SDK

Add to a find the stowaway amusement that works with VR:

Locate the other player by taking a gander at its conceivable position.

Move towards the player utilizing sans hands data.

Utilize the Google Cardboard SDK to empower look indicating and head following.

Make a VR amusement where you discover your objective by listening to its area:

As a child it’s plausible that you had played find the stowaway, with your companions and neighbors. Well this time you will backtrack to adolescence by making that diversion, and this time in VR. Locate the other player in a pitch dull setting, however be quick since it will move to make it all the more trying for you.

As another course in Knowledge Base’s Google Cardboard advancement arrangement, this course will show you to actualize indicating and selecting utilizing the player’s look. In the diversion you make, one player will to attempt to discover and move towards the other player, all with no kind of hand information.

Additionally in this instructional exercise you will execute some sound with the sound blender.

For this instructional exercise you will require Unity 5.3 or above, you require great comprehension about scripting in C# and the utilization of Unity 3D is an absolute necessity.

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