Create Fast RESTful APIs with Lumen and Homestead by Laravel

Create Fast RESTful APIs with Lumen and Homestead by Laravel

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Course Description

Make a RESTful API with Lumen 5.1 starting with no outside help and


In this course you are going to figure out how to build up an expert and completely practical RESTful API utilizing the adaptation 5.1 LTS of Lumen, the small scale structure in light of laravel 5.1 LTS.

Lumen is a small scale structure for PHP in view of laravel, consolidating the most highlighted elements of laravel in a much lighter and speedier rendition.

Why Lumen?

Lumen has the best elements of Laravel in an all the more light and snappy rendition , while staying expressive, natural, capable and particularly basic .

With Lumen your API will bolster no less than twelve hundred (1200) demands in a scope of 10 seconds with 10 concurrent solicitations. This extraordinary velocity makes it the ideal possibility for actualizing a RESTful API in it, and the best, it is totally simple!

A great many developers of PHP use Laravel and every one of them are concur with the inconceivable straightforwardness and dexterity that Lumen accommodates miniaturized scale administrations, including obviously, RESTful APIs, all in all, what are you sitting tight for? Take it now!

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