Mastering iOS MapKit Using Swift Language

Mastering iOS MapKit Using Swift Language

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Course Description

Ever thought about how applications like Apple maps, Google maps, Waze are made? Every one of these applications have a typical subject, maps. In this course you will figure out how to make the up and coming era of iOS maps application utilizing the MapKit system and Apple’s new programming dialect, Swift. You will figure out how to begin with MapKit and fabricate a complete propelled application equipped for custom explanations, reverse geocoding, overlays, geofencing, bearings and a great deal more. In the event that you need to extend your frame of reference and learn MapKit programming in a fun, intelligent and enlightening way then this is the course for you.

Mastering MapKit in iOS Using Swift Language is the most far reaching, enlightening guide advancement course you’ll discover on the web – or your cash back.

Mastering MapKit in iOS Using Swift Language

Apple’s New Programming Language: Swift

MapKit Control

Catching Shake Gesture

Custom Annotations

Custom Annotation Views

Asking for Permissions from the User

Reverse Geocoding

Geocoding String Address


Drawing Overlays

Dispatching Apple’s Default Map App to Show Directions

Getting Directions Using MKDirectionsRequest

Showing Directions inside of your own App

Through 14 addresses and 2.5 hours of video we will ace the ins and out of MapKit improvement utilizing the Swift dialect. Toward the end of this course you will have the capacity to make profoundly cleaned and intelligent Maps applications utilizing iOS 8 and Swift. I guarantee that you’ll appreciate each snippet of this course. You will learn programming in an extremely fun and intuitive way. In addition, you will get quick, well disposed and responsive backing by email and on the Udemy gatherings.

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