Music Theory Comprehensive: Part 1 – Symbols of Music Intro

Music Theory Comprehensive Part 1 - Symbols of Music Intro

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Course Description

For quite a long time I’ve been showing Music Theory in the school classroom. These classes utilize the same syllabus I’ve utilized as a part of my school classes for a considerable length of time, at a small amount of the expense. I trust anybody can learn Music Theory – and cost shouldn’t be a boundary.

As of late I was named as a semi-finalist for the Grammy Foundation’s Music Educator of the Year recompense in view of my in-individual college classes. Presently I’m taking those classes to Udemy in an online arrangement so as to achieve more understudies, and give them the delight of Music Theory.

This class is a Comprehensive class – it will have numerous parts, experiencing my whole yearly educational modules.

This class is Part 1: Reading Music and The Symbols of Music Notation.

In this class, we will cover:

My way to deal with Music Theory

Instruments you should learn Music Theory rapidly and proficiently

Music programming: Notation programs

The components of the Score

Pitch Names

Pitch Classes


The White Keys

The Black Keys (not the band!)

Half-Steps and Whole-Steps



Naming Octaves

Recognizing Notes on the Staff

Recognizing Notes on the Keyboard

Beat and Beat Divisions


Downbeats and Upbeats

Specked Rhythms

Time Signatures



Structure in Music Notation

…what’s more, much, a great deal more!

What’s more, obviously, once you agree to Part 1 – Reading Music and The Symbols of Music Notation, you naturally get enormous rebates to all the up and coming parts of this class.

You won’t have another chance to learn Music Theory in a more far reaching way this. Begin here.

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