The Body Energy Clock: Harnessing the Chinese “Qi” Clock

The Body Energy Clock Harnessing the Chinese Qi Clock

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Course Description

Effortlessly Tired or Fatigued?

Foggy Head? Unmotivated?

Hoping to Create More Ease in your Daily Life?

Imagine a scenario in which we could move it without taking any irregular medications, begining another eating regimen and without doing so as to try and spur ourselves more objective setting works out.

Imagine a scenario where we could move it by simply moving our consideration and our exercises to particular times for the duration of the day and night.

Welcome to the Ancient Chinese “Qi” Body Clock!

This course will manage you through the 24hr day by day cycle demonstrating to you how the life power vitality, or “Qi”, travels through our real and vivacious systems.The point is to move ourselves into arrangement with this normal development, so that more noteworthy wellsprings of vitality, understanding, instinct, effortlessness and life knowledge can actually and effectively emerge.

“The individuals who stream as life streams, know they require no other power.” ~ Lao Tzu

This course will demonstrate to you generally accepted methods to “change your way of life” with the goal that you can get to be and stay clear, candidly enduring and stimulated so you can be taking care of business.

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