Use Periscope To Develop Your Brand As A Writer

Use Periscope To Develop Your Brand As A Writer

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Course Description

Is this you?

You are an essayist or blogger delivering content once a day.

Perhaps you compose Kindle ebooks and put them available to be purchased.

Notwithstanding all the work you do things become stale. Perhaps you are attempting to extend your group of onlookers and this smoothes out. You need to drive offers of books and ebooks up from what they are presently. On the other hand perhaps you need to get your message out past composing and just words.

What you need is to recognize your image as an essayist and get the message out. Knowing your image might be simple. Who you are, your work and values could be found in your written work and the work that you do. In any case, how would you understand that message out to other?

Ever consider the Periscope application?

Periscope is the cell phone application that gives anyone a chance to livestream occasions happening now from their cell phone. It can be utilized at whatever time anyplace to let others recognize what is going on. It can likewise be an individual marking machine and this course can demonstrat to you how.

Segment one takes a gander at the idea and significance of the brand.

Segment two takes a gander at building and keeping up the brand.

Segment three acquaints you with Periscope and its employments.

Segment four investigates some best utilize rehearses and how to utilize periscope for business.

What’s more, area five takes a gander at how to utilize Periscope particularly for journalists and creators.

Periscope can include another measurement for yourself and the work you do. It presents you the individual and also the author. This course can demonstrate to you industry standards to utilize the Periscope application with achievement.

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